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30 December 2013 @ 03:01 pm

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If you want to add me drop a comment in this post and tell me why.
If you add me without giving a reason I will NOT add you back. ^_^
( please do not add me because you like my blogcrews, add me because you have something in common with me or you want to ACTUALLY talk to me and be my friend.)

Most things that are friends-only is basically about my life so I don't know if you would like to read that.
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27 January 2009 @ 10:10 pm
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28 October 2008 @ 08:39 pm

.:..:: Today is your birthday, so i want to wish you a great day and hope all your wishes, that you make, come true! ! .:..::

(*throws confettis* Here a cake ...... )

(....... and 60 sushis!!! xD)

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05 October 2008 @ 08:52 am
Uebo's birthday!!Collapse )</center>_____W A R N I N G____
[Ueda Tatsuya] is MINE
no one can take him away from me

{Ueda Tatsuya}
Exactly because I can't buy them with money
Treasures that can be expressed by feelings
I'll say it in words, ”Happy Birthday”
Without feeling embarrassed at exactly 12 midnight

I'm always parked in front of the fan
Because even on the c o l d e s t days
{Ueda Tatsuya} never fails to make me

[Ueda Tatsuya] told me that the best
gift I ever gave him was
my heart

Ueda Tatsuya is my body-candy.

» Ueda Tatsuya « is my eye-candy.

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04 October 2008 @ 12:05 pm

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30 August 2008 @ 10:08 pm
King of DesireCollapse )
“[Alice], I want to be the father of your children.”
I laughed and said:
“Au contraire, [Ueda Tatsuya], you already are! We’re having a baby.”
After jumping for joy, he held my hand and replied:
“Then I guess we’ll be together forever, huh? You, me and baby [ Ueda ]

[Ueda Tatsuya & Alice]
Let our creative juices flow,
creating a song just for the two of us.
Our love song.
Because together,
we are more than we are apart.

→Ueda Tatsuya←
Come & ‹‹Rescue Me››
I am burning can't you see?
Come &
Rescue Me
Only you can set me free

⌊Ueda Tatsuya⌉ & I
Running through the
Beyond the world 'til the end of Time
Where the rain won't hurt
Fighting the
storm into the blue

•°•Ueda Tatsuya•°• & I
have to go
1000 oceans wide
1000 dark years when time has died,
1000 stars are passing by


∫Ueda Tatsuya∫ & I
Have to go
1000 oceans wide
1000 times against an endless tide
Before we'll be free to live our life

When ∴Ueda Tatsuya∴ told me, "Please don't drift away from me."
I felt my
heart explode with happiness

[Ueda Tatsuya] and [Alice] are

Screw Red Bull! Ueda Tatsuya gives me better wings

There's one in this world for everyone
One heart, one touch
One soul to walk besides you
One in this life to share your love
To touch the heart inside you
Wanna reach for each night
Ueda Tatsuya, You're the one
The one in this world for me

i want to stay in my F A N T A S Y land for E T E R N I T Y with [Ueda Tatsuya]

I can never get enough of Ueda Tatsuya

When did it become so easy to cry?
My tears are spilling over
I just want you by my side
Ueda Tatsuya, I can't live without your smiling face

The days you made me smile
The days we walked hand in hand
Memories never fade away
I can't live a day without you
And you're my everything to me,
Ueda Tatsuya
love Mini Pictures 2334.gif

Someone once asked me
"What's your favorite kind of lollipop?"
I replied, "Well, Ueda Tatsuya, of course."

Ueda Tatsuya
Bounce into my room one night
and says that he will grant me three wishes
I told him that I only want him
So he waves his wand and says "Granted"

And we live happily Ever After!!!

I gave Ueda Tatsuya a paper
and asked him to write
in French just for me.
He took a pen, wrote
'Alice '
and kissed me.

last night i had a dream about
{{ Ueda Tatsuya }}
and me having a beautiful date...
but when i woke up, i was all alone in my room,
and just when i was about to stand up
the door popped open and {{
Ueda Tatsuya }} stepped in,
holding an awesome plate with pancakes
and said with a smile:

[oh,(Alice), you're awake, sorry i'm a litte late...
i just forgot the

Sure, you can take away all Ueda Tatsuya'S

pictures, posters, songs & videos

that I have but you can never take away

the LOVE♥ that we both share.

「Ueda Tatsuya」 effortlessly stole my heart away.
I love him for that, but I hate him for not taking me away too.

+Ueda Tatsuya+
every time i gaze upon you, it's love
without a shadow of doubt
In your smile, in my smile
let's search for that dream meant only for us

my keyboard smashing love is 》Ueda Tatsuya《

You're a chance taker, Ueda Tatsuya.
A heartbreaker.
You've got me wrapped around your finger.
Yet in the end, I still love you like I did from day one.

[Ueda Tatsuya] sang to me...
I will always be your friend
I know who you are inside
I am with you till the end
Never far behind.

I see Ueda Tatsuya, I squee...and glomp my computer screen. XD

Tell me how I’m supposed to breathe with no air
Can’t live, can’t breathe with no air
That’s how I feel whenever [ Ueda Tatsuya ] ain’t here.

★ Ueda Tatsuya ★✖ Multifandom BLOGCREW

Ueda Tatsuya
will always be my cuddly-wuddly bear

Ueda Tatsuya
lets me rub him down in the shower...

×— I tried to be chill,
but » Ueda Tatsuya's « so hot
that I melted.

Being sick is fun because...
「Ueda Tatsuya」 is my personal love doctor.
He's mine, and you can never have him.
Not now, not everrr!

Ueda Tatsuya
There is a lot of rumours of us,
but only our ring fingers know the truth

I am a Ueda Tatsuyasexual
and proud of it

∞ I fell for one of Ueda Tatsuya's corny pick-up lines.

[Ueda Tatsuya] AND [Alice]


Your hair
Your eyes (o_o)
Your old Levi's
When we kiss I'm hypnotized (@_@)
You make me laugh :)) , you make me cry :((
But I guess that's both I'll have to buy
Your hands in mine, when we're intertwined
Everything's alright
I want to be with the one I know

And the 7th thing I LIKE the most that you do

You make me LOVE you...<3

"YOUR NAME, kiss me and you will see stars.
But if you love me, sweetheart,
I will give them to you."
~ Ueda Tatsuya

Nintendo DS commercials always
'touching is good', but no one
knows but me just how good it is to

'touch' Ueda Tatsuya

I can't go into school/work today
I have no motivation without them by my side
l o v e s i c k for {{Ueda Tatsuya}}

Ueda Tatsuya
You want me,
You've fallen for me,
You're crazy over me
You're my slave,
I got you under my skin

No matter what problems I may come across,
「Ueda Tatsuya」 is always there to remind me that...
Everything will be okay as long as we both love each other.

Ueda Tatsuya & i had a little math lessson today
+ the bed - the clothes ÷ my legs × multiply

'Cuz I can't stop thinkin' about U Ueda Tatsuya

  I used to hug a teddy bear until I had [Ueda Tatsuya] 

『Ueda Tatsuya』 is my ONE LOVE only my!

【Ueda Tatsuya only for me not for share

Even though 「Ueda Tatsuya's」 bed is so ghey,
I still love the way he ties me on his bed post.

Wo ai ni Kimi o ai shiteru Je t'aime
It doesn't matter how I say it, it all means the same thing: I love you, Ueda Tatsuya!

Ueda Tatsuya
Even in the afterlife,
we'll always be together

An apple a day may
keep the doctor away,
but nothing can keep

Ueda Tatsuya away from me!

Ueda Tatsuya
I put a spell on you,
and now you're mine!

The best thing about fall is playing
the leaves with Ueda Tatsuya

Ueda Tatsuya & I were sharing a sundae, when he said
"Baby, you know what would make this day even sweeter is a...
chocolate-covered YOU!"

「Ueda Tatsuya」, you are like a bubble that is so attractive...
I get so amazed watching the way you float on air, and I just can't take my eyes off you.

But just like a kid, I know where I stand.
I'm afraid that if I touch you, you'd pop out and disappear.

But if you get so tired and you feel like you just wanna land...
I'll do what no kid have thought of doing.

I promise to catch you with my shampoo bottle just to keep you.

Ueda Tatsuya
It's just you, me and the dance floor.

Ueda Tatsuya and I got into a serious fight last night
and i went to the other room to have some time for my self.

while i was sleeping, i can feel someone holding my hands...
and crying while saying to me:

"even if i throw our memories away,
i just can't forget it like that.
i want to see you smiling everyday...
and i want to keep you right here.

cause baby, you're my sun, my moon...
you're my everything

I love you baby"

...and i myself was surprised when i felt tears falling from my eyes.
when i woke up, i looked at him...
and hugged him tightly while crying and saying..

"i'm sorry too. i love you so much. 
you're my everything."

that's how we made up. ♥

『Ueda Tatsuya』
You're the one in my

On my birthday, [ Ueda Tatsuya ] disguise as a bear
and gave me heart shape balloons

Heute morgen weckte mich
Ueda Tatsuya
mit den Worten:
"Ich liebe dich"

I'm feeling all superhuman, [ Ueda Tatsuya ] did that to me . . .
. . . a s u p e r h u m a n heart beats in me.
Nothing can stop me here with you.

{Alice}'s addicted and {Ueda Tatsuya} is her drug.

"My dear <Ueda Tatsuya>,

I write this letter to greet you with your success in <Japan>

You asked about what I was doing yesterday… Well, I went to the cinema, than to the shop to buy some food.

But there was one thing that I thought about all day long. That was one simple word :

I miss you so much, my dear! I can’t think about anything but you!

Hope to see you soon,

Your loving wife. "

Was tired of running out of luck
Thinking 'bout giving up
Didn't know what to do
Then there was
{{ Ueda Tatsuya }}
And everything went from wrong to right
And the STARS came out and filled up the SKY
The music you were playing really blew my mind

It was love at first sight

[Ueda Tatsuya & Alice]
There are things that just drift away,
Just like our endless numbered days.
But to spend them all with claim here,
Would make our ★eternity★
Like heaven.

[[Ueda Tatsuya]]
"You were the FIRST to touch my ,

And everything is right again with your extraordinary love "

I got so weak when [[Ueda Tatsuya]] looked at me
I got lost inside his eyes

Sometimes the magic is HARD to believe
But [[Ueda Tatsuya]]'s here before my very eyes
He brought joy to my world
Set me so free
and he whispered to me;

"You're every breath that I breathe.."

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31 July 2008 @ 10:29 pm

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25 July 2008 @ 09:45 pm
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23 July 2008 @ 10:25 pm

One winter day,
claim here told me
that no matter where I am
he'll send his love to me
with white snow.

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